Yoga for Migraine was created by migraine yoga teacher Adriane Dellorco (RYT200) in 2019. Adriane practiced yoga and dance since she was a teenager, but found that she could no longer manage the vigorous yoga styles she enjoyed before being diagnosed with migraine. After searching for yoga for migraine practices with little success, Adriane realized that there was a need for a specialized yoga practice that was both safe and healing for people living with migraine. And so Yoga for Migraine was born.

Adriane was featured at the 2021 Migraine World Summit, the National Headache Foundation’s Heads UP Podcast and the Migraine Magic Podcast.  In addition to offering free monthly yoga classes with Miles for Migraine and teaching at CHAMP’s RetreatMigraine, Adriane provides migraine-friendly yoga practices in her online classes and group coaching programs. 

As a mother of two little ones and a former public school teacher, she brings her life experience of living with migraine into her healing yoga practices.  Adriane’s mission is to help others overcome migraine with yoga and thrive.


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What makes Yoga for Migraine unique?

Yoga for Migraine offers yoga programs specifically designed to meet the unique needs and challenges of people living with headache and migraine.

No prior yoga experience is necessary and all levels of physical fitness can enjoy the practice.

Studies have shown that yoga and gentle exercise can be highly effective in reducing the frequency and intensity of headaches and migraines.

Not all types of yoga, however, are suitable for people with frequent headaches and migraine.  Athletic styles of yoga that are practiced in a heated room can cause more harm than good for many headache and migraine sufferers.

Yoga for Migraine is created to eliminate the common triggers that people may encounter in a typical yoga class, such as heat, incense or intense physical activity.  In Yoga for Migraine, the focus is on relaxation, comfort and the reduction of external stimuli.


“I highly recommend Adriane’s classes. I feel more relaxed and my mental health has improved. I feel healthier and I love being with a group of others who understand my condition. I leave each practice feeling truly unwound, with my body loose and relaxed, and my mind calm and easy.” — Fiona Jeffery, Host of the Migraine Magic Podcast, Australia