7 Head, Neck, and Shoulder Stretches for Migraine

Anyone with high stress may find stretching beneficial.

“Muscle tension, especially in the upper body, can be a symptom of stress and an activated sympathetic response of the nervous system,” says Adriane Dellorco, certified yoga teacher, of Boise, ID, and founder of Yoga for Migraine.

”Since stress is a migraine trigger for four out of five people living with migraine, the more we can pause and take a moment to destress and unwind tension, the better our symptoms.”



Yoga for Migraine: Does it Help?

Adriane Dellorco

Yoga Teacher & Patient Advocate
Yoga for Migraine

A recent study suggested that yoga may help people living with migraine. The study suggested that yoga may significantly reduce the burden of migraine, and lead to a reduction in medication use in some people. But when is it safe to practice? What type of yoga is best? To help us learn more and provide a simple demonstration is yoga instructor Adriane Dellorco.


The Wellness Creator Podcast: Episode 13 Yoga For Migraines with Adriane Dellorco

Wellness practices are gaining popularity as ways to ease chronic pain symptoms. I was a guest on The Wellness Creator Podcast, discussing how I help my clients relieve migraines through yoga.

In this episode, I share my background, passion for wellness, how my online business evolved during the pandemic, the benefits of mind/body approaches to chronic pain, my collaboration efforts, and ongoing learning experiences.

The Holistic Counseling Podcast: Episode 116 Yoga For Migraine: Interview with Adriane Dellorco

Do you suffer from the impact of migraines? Can incorporating yoga into your daily routine alleviate your migraine symptoms?

Find out how with Episode 116 Yoga For Migraine: Interview with Adriane Dellorco

Honest Conversations: Chronic Migraine Disease with a Migraine Advocate

I recently stumbled across an interview I did on Healthline's Honest Conversations series.

I shared about the impact our self-care routine can have on our migraine attacks Give it a listen.

 National Headache Foundation Heads UP Audio Podcast • National Headache Foundation

Heads UP Podcast

by National Headache Foundation

Does yoga help your migraine disorder? Has it ever made it worse? A recent study published in Neurology showed that yoga can decrease the frequency and severity of migraine attacks when it is used as part of your care plan. In Episode 67 of Heads Up, Dr. Lindsay Weitzel chats with Adriane Dellorco, creator of "Yoga for Migraine" about the benefits of yoga and some of the precautions to take to be sure you enjoy the positive effects. Don't miss this fabulous episode of Heads UP!

Yoga for All Bodies Video Podcast

by Yoga for All Bodies™ 

Adriane Dellorco is the founder of Yoga for Migraine, an online community that offers yoga programs for people living with headaches and migraines. She is a lifelong dancer and yoga practitioner who lives with migraine. Adriane’s mission is to help others overcome migraine with yoga and thrive. She is also sharing amazing resources on the IG: @YogaMigraine

In this episode we talked about what does it mean to live with migraine, what tools can yoga provide to live better in your body and mind, and how yoga needs to be accessible and tailored to serve people living with Migraine.

Migraine Support: How yoga can be helpful for managing migraine

by Migraine Australia

Migraine yogi Adriane Dellorco of @yogamigraine talks to fellow migraine yogi and Migraine Australia ambassador Jo Lau @lovejosephineyoga about her migraine journey and how yoga can be helpful for managing migraine.


Feel-Good Stretches to Ease Migraine Pain

by Health Central

"Stretching may ease the frequency and intensity of your headaches. Add a few of these simple moves to your migraine management plan."

Yoga for Migraine: Research, Poses, and Principles

by Migraine Again

“Yoga is especially helpful for teaching people how to down-regulate their hypersensitive migraine brain to be more resilient to both stress and migraine,” Dellorco said. “Yoga also offers other unique ‘positive side effects,’ such as boosting one's mood, decreasing neck and shoulder tension, and offering an accessible form of gentle exercise that can be easily modified to adjust to one's pain level.” 

Yoga for Migraine – Calming Your Nervous System, Boosting Your Mood

by Migraine Strong

Ahh…that post-yoga high. You feel a deep sense of calm after practicing yoga for migraine. Your neck feels more relaxed. Even the pain in your head feels less intense compared to when you first started your practice. Life feels more manageable all of a sudden.  That nervous anxiety you felt just twenty minutes ago has been replaced by a sense of profound peace. You feel empowered to manage your life with migraine with the power of yoga.... 

I am a regular contributor to


Nature: Migraine Friend or Foe?

Being outside in nature has been a source of calm and renewal for my migraine brain, but I've also learned to take many precautions when I go outside due to the numerous migraine triggers in the great outdoors.

In this article, I’ll touch on some of the challenges and benefits of getting out in nature for migraine. I’ll also share how climate change may affect migraine and how to safely increase your time outdoors without aggravating your migraine symptoms.

5 Ways Yoga Can Help Migraine

Have you ever rolled your eyes when some well-meaning stranger suggested that you practice yoga to cure your migraine? Well, you're definitely not alone. But there might be a kernel of truth to that suggestion.

Yoga does not cure migraine. There is no cure for migraine, but it can absolutely help reduce your symptoms and build your migraine resilience. Yoga has been a huge part...

My Worst COVID Symptom: Migraine

Even though I was vaxed and boosted and super-careful for nearly two and half years, COVID finally found me one hot August day. Probably after a not-so-careful night of Latin dancing. 

What was my experience with COVID like?
COVID hit me harder than...

Migraine-Friendly Sun Salutations

Yoga can be a highly effective complementary therapy for migraine relief, but not all yoga styles and poses are suitable for people living with migraine.

In this video, I will show you a migraine-friendly version of Sun Salutations, a common flowing series of poses that you will find in most yoga classes.

Rx: Enjoy Yourself!

Have you ever noticed that you're not as aware of your migraine pain when you're enjoying yourself?

Maybe you watched a funny movie or chatted with a good friend, and for a few blissful moments, you forgot all about your migraine attack. It's not that you were just distracted from your pain, your pain actually went away when you were fully enjoying yourself.

Top Ten Reasons Why RetreatMigraine was Amazing

I had a blast teaching Yoga for Migraine and attending RetreatMigraine 2021 in California! Here are my top ten reasons why RetreatMigraine was so amazing!

1. Location, location, location

We were literally across the street from the ocean in Redondo Beach! We enjoyed long walks on the beach with fellow participants and even got to see two pods of dolphins swimming through the waves.

This Holiday, Choose Easy

I don’t quite feel like I have my s**t together this holiday season. I don’t think I ever do. I am always in awe of people who totally nail the holidays.

The people who manage to somehow get all of their family and pets together to smile at the same time in matching outfits for a photo AND send said photo out as a holiday card to their loved ones.

Speaking Out for Those Who Can’t: Headache on the Hill 2022

On February 15, I participated in my second year as an advocate with Headache on the Hill (HOH), a day of migraine advocacy with members of Congress organized by the outstanding Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy (AHDA).

The 15th Headache on the Hill

AHDA is celebrating its 15th year organizing HOH, which used to be an in-person event at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, until COVID. Since 2021, HOH has been virtual, making advocacy far more accessible for people like me with migraine and kids who find travel a challenge.


3 Stretches to Release Neck and Shoulder Tension

Do you ever feel like your constant neck pain may be even worse than your head pain? If so, you are not alone.

How many people experience neck pain?

According to Dr. Sait Ashina in his interview on When Migraine Starts or Stays in Your Neck from the 2021 Migraine World Summit, "We have studies showing that up to 70% of people with migraine may report neck pain during their attack, and 48% actually report [neck pain]...

5 Easy Ways to Stimulate the Vagus Nerve for Migraine

More and more research is showing how the vagus nerve affects migraine and nearly every other aspect of our health.1 Medical devices that stimulate the vagus nerve, like gammaCore, have shown evidence to reduce the frequency of migraine and cluster headache.

How does toning the vagus nerve help?

The vagus nerve is the only cranial nerve that leaves the brain and wanders all the way down into your gut and nearly every organ in your abdomen.

Waiting Room Mindfulness Practices (Video)

Instead of automatically reaching for your phone when you're in the waiting room at your next doctor's appointment, take advantage of the wait to practice mindfulness.

These mindful moments can help decrease your anxiety and allow you to acclimate to new surroundings with less sensory overload. Plus, you can do them anywhere without anyone else even noticing!

Soothe Your Migraine Attack in 5 Minutes (Video)

Anyone else tend to freak out in the midst of a migraine attack?

The increasing head pain, sensitivity, moodiness, and irritability that I experience during a migraine attack mess with my head and body, no matter how many times I've experienced it.

Migraine attacks are incredibly painful, scary, and can quickly cause you to lose your cool and start to panic. Unfortunately, that fear and panic only serve to exacerbate your pain.


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