Yoga for Migraine offers a variety of online programs to suit your needs, from free community classes to weekly live series to a comprehensive group coaching program. We hope there is an option that fits your needs and budget.

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Beyond Migraine

Beyond Migraine

Beyond Migraine is an 2 month small group coaching intensive + 10 months of ongoing support and Yoga for Migraine classes to help you dramatically reduce your migraine symptoms with a pro holding your hand every step of the way. Next cohort starts March 24, 2024. Apply TODAY!

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Yoga for Migraine First Aid Kit

2023 Yoga for Migraine First Aid Kit

The 2024 Yoga for Migraine First Aid Kit is a virtual on-demand program with 16 videos to gently and safely practice Yoga for Migraine in the comfort of your own home. For both high-pain and low-pain days and everything in between, with no nasty side effects.