Overcome migraine with yoga.

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Feel good again.

Living with migraine can be devastating to your physical and emotional well-being. You feel exhausted and hopeless when nothing seems to help you feel better.

We can help you feel good again.

Yoga for Migraine is free of common migraine triggers and customized to heal your migraine symptoms with gentle yoga practices that adjust to your pain level.

Studies have shown that yoga can reduce your migraine attack frequency and medication use by nearly 50%.

Yoga for Migraine is offered through online programs, workshops, retreats and 1:1 coaching. We offer an accessible yoga practice specifically for people living with headache and migraine. Yoga for Migraine provides an oasis where you can restore physically, mentally and spiritually.

Overcome migraine with yoga and thrive.

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Yoga to match your pain level.

Yoga for Migraine is physically accessible and adjusts to match your pain level.

Low-Pain Day Practice

These "preventive" Yoga for Migraine practices offer more movement on days that you are feeling well to release tension in the neck and upper back and prevent migraine symptoms.

High-Pain Day Practice

These "pain-killer" Yoga for Migraine practices offer restorative yoga and yoga nidra guided relaxation to help soothe your nervous system and recover faster on high pain days.

Guided Relaxation

These "sleep aid" Yoga Nidra guided relaxation practices offer you deep rest and relaxation when you are having a migraine attack and cannot get out of bed.