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Hi, I'm Adriane.

I'm the creator and founder of Yoga for Migraine.

I have been practicing yoga and dance since I was a teenager, but found it hard to manage the vigorous yoga styles I enjoyed before being diagnosed with migraine in my mid twenties.

I eventually developed chronic migraine while working as a busy public school teacher, dance company director and mothering a picky toddler.  I became more and more depressed after “failing” one migraine treatment after the next with little improvement.

My own search for yoga for migraine practices left me empty-handed and desperate for a way to decrease my migraine pain and boost my mood. I realized that there was a need for a specialized yoga practice that was both safe and healing for people living with migraine. 

And so Yoga for Migraine was born.

I’m RYT200 certified in yin, restorative and yoga nidra styles and working towards my 300 hour yoga teacher certification.  My additional certifications in Pain Care Aware Yoga and Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT) have honed my skills to help people retrain their brain and safely reverse their chronic pain symptoms.

Over the past few years, I have been featured at the 2021 Migraine World Summit, Migraine.com, Migraine Strong, the National Headache Foundation’s Heads UP Podcast and the Yoga for All Bodies Podcast.

In addition to offering free monthly yoga classes with Miles for Migraine and teaching at CHAMP’s RetreatMigraine, I provide migraine-friendly yoga practices in my online on-demand and group coaching programs.

As a mother of two elementary age kids, I bring my life experience of living with migraine into my healing yoga practices. My mission is to help others overcome migraine with yoga and thrive.

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Now Check Out a Few of My Client's Results...

Name: Kristine Yamaki, Yoga Teacher

Before Beyond Migraine: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with 10+ Migraine days per month

Results After Beyond Migraine: Reduced her migraine days by 80%

Name: Carolyn Tague, Retired Teacher

Before Beyond Migraine: Average 17 migraine days/month

Results After Beyond Migraine: Reduced migraine days 70% in four weeks

Name: Julie Keller, Author and Artist

Before Beyond Migraine: Daily debilitating chronic migraine

Results After Beyond Migraine: Reduced migraine days 80% in eight weeks

Name: Debbie Williams, Retired Special Teacher

Before Beyond Migraine: Near chronic migraine and unable to exercise

Results After Beyond Migraine: Cut her migraine meds from 14 to 2 days per month and able to exercise daily

My Story

Four years ago, I had a serious problem with chronic migraine. Without going into the full drama, I basically was dependent on near-daily meds to survive each day with migraine pain and was experiencing depression as a result.

I felt like migraine was forcing me to endure a daily grind of work, parenting, and pain.

I was a total wreck.
I had no energy left to enjoy my life.
My spoons were completely full.
I could barely keep my head above water.
I couldn’t make plans, let alone think about my future.

I felt like my future looked like a giant black hole of pain and despair.  How was I ever going to get out of pain?

And then BAM, it happened.

During this difficult time, I was introduced to a Yoga Teacher Training program that focused on the gentler styles of yoga, like restorative and yoga nidra.

Migraine had forced me to give up my life-long practice of yoga, yet I wondered, "Could I actually learn a yoga practice that would be healing for migraine instead of triggering?”

When you are desperate enough and have your back against the wall - you’re open to any possibility, no matter what it takes.

Well, I’ll tell you right now….…

I’m sooo thankful I did open up my eyes and commit myself to this solution because today - my migraine days are a third of what they used to be and my depression is a thing of the past.

Because of that decision, my life, career and health has completely transformed. 

But I'm going to be upfront. 

I really wanted to change.

And I worked really hard to solve it. 

This wasn’t some magic pill. 

Yoga for Migraine neck stretch

I spent over twelve thousand dollars on doctors, counselors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, chiropractors and prescriptions trying to figure out how to relieve my migraine pain.

And then almost out of nowhere, yoga unlocked a totally fresh way of existing in the world.

For the first time in my life, I was actually enjoying my life again without pain and fear of migraine tainting it all.

It felt so liberating.

If you haven't experienced that liberating feeling yet.....just wait till you experience it.

You will feel empowered to live a life that you truly love.

All because of one decision I made, in a single moment.

I went from feeling like I was withering on the vine of my life to feeling stronger and freer than ever before.

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It’s empowering and life-changing. 

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