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What clients say about Beyond Migraine

"I was blown away by how much power Adriane's program gave back to me."- Julie Keller, USA

"Before I participated in Beyond Migraine, I didn’t realize the extent to which practicing more self-care could truly make a difference in relieving persistent pain. I committed to the program, practicing yoga daily—and the payoff is real! And Yoga Nidra—this has been life changing for my sleep!! Thank you, Adriane, for your dedication to the migraine community, and for your great course—reminding me that we all have the power within ourselves to help manage our discomfort."

- Patricia Moritz, USA

"Beyond Migraine has improved my nightly routine and sleep, shown me I can move through the pain, allowed me to recover quicker from bad attacks, and most importantly helped me identify the exact self care and calming techniques to continue living and thriving beyond chronic vestibular migraine. I am so excited to continue my yoga practice with the tools and techniques I learned in Beyond Migraine! 

- Elizabeth Kelly, USA

"My ability to cope [with the pain] has been night and day."- Anika Schurman, Canada

"Beyond Migraine helped give me more spoons and replenish my hit points."

- Jessica Barnes, USA

"Beyond Migraine has supported me with decreasing the intensity and frequency of my migraine attacks. I definitely sleep better, which helps to reduce my migraine issues as well."

- Donna Lang, USA

"I feel a migraine attack coming on, and I just think, 'I can take a few minutes to do that yoga exercise,''s an immediate fix." -Elena Ortega, USA

"Beyond Migraine injected fun and hope back into my life. I no longer felt like I was soldiering through the migraine journey on my own, and I got introduced to both updated research, safe yoga techniques, and, most importantly, my new team."

- Elizabeth Monk, Canada

"Beyond Migraine helped me to successfully build healthy habits easily. I reaped the benefits of less intense and less frequent migraines. The abundance of support from Adriane, the videos, and fellow classmates was a complete game changer for me.

- Elena Ortega, USA